iOS Users to get free MobileMe?

Apple MobileMe

Keeping it all in sync with MobileMe

With the iPhone iOS 4.2 update hotly awaited, information has come to light that might support the spreading rumour that Apple could be offering free MobileMe services with the update.

Error messages imbedded into both the iOS 4.2 and 4.2.1 build frameworks (specifically the AppleAccount.framework) seem to reference “maximum number of free accounts” for MobileMe accounts.

Reports go on to speculate that while MobileMe Mail isn’t supported, other services such as Find my iPhone, OTA (Over the Air) Sync and Photo Galleries might be offered.

In my humble opinion, this would bring Apple back in line with Google – especially with the OTA sync services. Personally I hate paying $100+ annually to sync my Safari bookmarks from my iMac to my iPhone and iPad devices – but (a secret I keep from my wife!) – it’s well worth the price when I can’t find that hot bookmark or link I saved on my iMac rushing out the door!

With the iOS 4.2 update imminent, we’ll see shortly! We’ll keep you posted!