iOS Backup Bloat Problems? Change your backup location (Windows)

Happy New Year everyone!

Are you noticing that the size of your iOS backups are becoming a bit cumbersome and taking up too much of your hard drive space? No, me either – but if your hard drive is relatively small in size, it could become an issue.

Our friends at The iPhone Guru have posted a walk-through for Windows users on how to change the location of their iPhone/iPad backup files to save a bit of space. True, the author was using only an 80GB hard drive and found that roughly 20% of the drive was in use due to the iOS backups. I attempted to find a similar directive for Mac users but no luck. I’ll keep trying in that respect.

While I do have a fairly large hard drive and haven’t really noticed any issues with this problem myself, I did consider it an interesting way to perhaps specifically store your iOS backups – maybe on a large flash drive. I have run into a few occasions where I wished I had easy access to my iPod Touch backups so perhaps something like this might be helpful for more than just saving space. Again, this work around is just for Windows users.

If any of our Windows users find this helpful, let us know how you use the information.

[The iPhone Guru]