Details Emerge About Apple COO Tim Cook We’ve Never Seen Before

People always want to know more about Apple’s executive time. We already know that Phil Schiller, Apple VP of Worldwide Marketing is on twitter. Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, Tim Cook, is once again at the helm of Apple while Steve Jobs is on medical leave. Little light has been shed on Tim Cook but now that he’s filling the shoes of Apple’s day to day operations, people want to know more about him.

The New York Times has profiled Tim Cook in a recent story by Miguel Helft. It’s a fantastic read that chronicles the “Jobs-like” dedication that resides within Cook.

“My favorite scenes were meeting suppliers,” said a former Apple executive who had traveled with Mr. Cook frequently and asked to remain anonymous because he did not want to upset their relationship. “He is Mr. Spreadsheet. If things weren’t right, he would torture the suppliers and demand improvement. At the same time, he had good relationships with them.”

Further insight about Tim Cook can be seen from his speech at the 2010 Auburn University Spring Commencement that took place last year. Here, Cook mentions that joining Apple was “the best decision he ever made”.

What will the future for Apple hold? Right now, it looks like all eyes are on Tim Cook.

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