Apple’s North Carolina Data Centre Plans: iTunes and MobileMe

The massive data centre built in North Carolina by Apple had long been suspected for the use of cloud storage, for services such as iTunes and MobileMe. Those suspicions have now been confirmed as Apple COO, Tim Cook, revealed today during Apple’s annual shareholders meeting:

Apple’s North Carolina data center is expected to open this spring, and will support the iTunes and MobileMe services, the company said during its annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday, where AppleInsider was in attendance.

Rumours of a MobileMe overhaul have been in the works. Looks like this data centre will become the cloud-based focus of the future of iOS for Apple. Right now, MobileMe costs $99/year ($109 in Canada), yet other comparable cloud services are equally as good, but free (ie DropBox, Google).

Find my iPhone, previously one of the main features why people paid for MobileMe went free last Fall. I expect MobileMe to follow suit in upcoming announcements from Apple. They wouldn’t invest $1 billion dollars into a massive facility for nothing.

Are you still a MobileMe subscriber?

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Keeping it all in sync with MobileMe

[All Things Digital via AppleInsider]

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