Rogers Launches New $55 My10 “Competitive Response” Plan

In response to recent price reductions from Telus and Virgin Mobile, Rogers has launched a new $55 My10 “Competitive Response” plan. The $55 plan is not actually visible on the Rogers website, as the actual plan is the $60 Smartphone plan with a $5/month discount.

Note that the $5 discount must be manually applied to the account, so if you get a $60 plan, make sure to call Rogers and provide the following SOC Code (existing customers only):

  • $5 monthly discount (RP005ME05)

The plan is effective March 12, 2011 and the features are listed below:

  • Minutes: 200 daytime
  • Evenings/Weekends: Unlimited @ 6PM
  • Data: 1GB
  • Promotions: Unlimited Text/Picture/Video messages, My10 Nationwide

Also note that the plan is available to all new & existing customers who renew on a 3-year term.