More White iPhone 4 News: Icon Found In iTunes 10.2

Recent rumors have pointed to the white iPhone 4 being released this Spring 2011. Even Apple Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller has dropped hints about a white “iPhone” coming this spring.

In the US, these rumors have led many to wonder whether Apple would first release the GSM or CDMA white iPhone 4, or both, since in the US, AT&T and Verizon support the iPhone under different cellular technology. In Canada, we would only support the GSM model, as do the majority of worldwide wireless carriers.

To add to the growing white iPhone news, a MacRumors reader did some digging into some iTunes 10.2 resource files and found an icon for the white CDMA iPhone 4. This is the icon that is displayed in the Summary window within iTunes.

While this find is no guarantee that Apple is planning to release the white iPhone 4, it’s clear that an Apple designer took the time to create the CDMA iPhone 4 icon in anticipation of the release.

Based on recent rumors and announcements, the white iPhone 4, or just a white “iPhone”, is expected sometime within the next 60 days.