Days to Sell Out Developer Events: Google I/O vs WWDC

Horace Dediu of Asymco breaks down the number of days it takes to sell out developer events, comparing Google I/O to Apple’s WWDC:

After the iPhone SDK was launched, the WWDC took on a new dimension. It became a mobile development event. As a result, 2008 was the first year when WWDC sold out. Attendance tripled over the Mac-only event the previous year.

Every year since, not only has WWDC sold out but it has sold out quicker every time. The following chart shows the days it took to sell out WWDC. I also added Google I/O data for comparison.

Apple’s WWDC 2011 sold out in less than 10 hours yesterday–generating $8 million dollars ($1599 x 5000), or about $800,000 per hour. iOS is the platform that people want to develop apps for, and I don’t see signs of this slowing down anytime soon.