Blog Update: Has Rebranded to

We’ve had a deal in the works for the past while now, and we’re happy to announce that we’ve managed to rebrand to a new domain that reflects the current state of Apple products. We’re not just about the iPhone anymore.

When the Change Will Take Affect

Starting at 6PM PST today, will be re-branded and automatically forwarded to our new domain, You still might see, but keep refreshing as the new name servers take time to propagate.

When we found out this unique name will fit perfectly with our iPhone community. The purchase was quite the steal, as the domain squatter relented after shameless begging over 6 days of email tag. In the end, we scored a deal as it only cost us $549 US.

Expect The Same Great Canadian Content, But Just With a New Name

We hope you’ll stick with us for this next adventure. Don’t worry, we’ll continue to focus on Canada and represent this fine, fine nation. Our domain has changed, but the same great content will stay the same. Sure, some of you might miss, but we still have iPhone 5 coming our way right?

For those asking, here’s a sneak peak at our upcoming new logo (click the image below for a preview of the new layout):

Gary Ng
Founder (formerly, 2007-2011)

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