GoPano Micro Allows You to Film 360 Degree Videos from an iPhone 4

Kickstarter is a great site for entrepreneurs to get funding for their projects. We’ve seen popular items blast off like the Glif. This time around, a new project called the GoPano micro will allow you to capture cool 360 degree videos using your iPhone 4.

The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone 4 to make 360º panoramic videos! Just snap the lens to your iPhone 4 and press record to make cool interactive 360º videos. Use it to record all the action of your favorite sport, record your next meeting in 360º or just as a fun toy for the summer.

The GoPano micro will record everything around you simultaneously. You can go back to the recorded video and choose to view any perspective, any angle at any point in time (pan & zoom in/out). The GoPano app allows you to upload your 360º video onto our web platform and share 360º videos with your friends. You can watch 360º videos uploaded by others in the app or on the web site.

The GoPano micro is limited to the iPhone 4 right now, but if you’re into filming videos this is one cool accessory. The EyeSee360 team has pledge levels of $1, $15 (includes the GoPano micro case only), and $50 (includes BOTH GoPano micro case + lens). You can learn more about the Kickstarter project here.

[Thanks to William for the tip!]