Apple Removes White iPhone 4 References From Online Store

It looks like Apple has removed most (all?) visual references to the white iPhone 4 on its Canadian and international online stores after last night’s down-time.

This is a surprisingly move considering that the white iPhone 4 was hinted to be released this spring. Maybe that is no longer the case.

Apple first pointed out that Apple removed all references to the white iPhone during last night’s store shut down.

As you can see ‘s exclusive image, Apple has removed the reference to the iPhone also 4 White show in the Bumper. This happened in the early hours of the morning and still do not know why. As mentioned previously, you might want to eliminate any reference Apple iPhone 4 White due to a lack of availability.

Is Apple finished with the white iPhone 4, or is this simply preparation for the white iPhone 4 launch?

What do you think?


[MobileCrunch via]