Comparison Of New White iPhone 4 & Originally Leaked White iPhone 4

Nick Bilton, a NYTimes blog writer, has set up a comparison of the original (leaked) white iPhone 4, that did not make it to production, with the official newly released white iPhone 4.

Bilton has outlined three slight differences between the two iPhone 4 devices:

1.) Yellowing discoloration on the original white iPhone 4 (Ed. Note: This could come with time on the new white iPhone 4)

2.) Deeper proximity sensor in the new white iPhone 4 and is not a dot matrix design like the leaked white iPhone 4

3.) Camera sticks out slightly above the surface in the new white iPhone 4

The original (leaked) white iPhone 4 came from an individual who purchased the device for $1,000 from a “guy who had connections to the factory that made the phone in China.”