[Update] iPhone 4 Prototype Tester On eBay for $100K; Taken Down

Update 5: The auction has been taken down, as expected. But it looks like more have popped up on eBay, but this time in white. (via CoM)

Update 4 (July 4, 12:12AM PST): Looks like the auction has been brought back down to $101,600, after some fake bidders got it to one million.

Update 3: Make that…$999,999. Someone has deep pockets. Could it be Steve Ballmer?

Update 2: The auction is now at $100,000. This is turning into one big joke, and will most likely be shut down soon.

Update 1: The auction is now at $60,000 and growing.

Do you have $25,000 to spare? This morning, This is My Next wrote about a genuine iPhone 4 prototype tester that has hit eBay. The auction started out at $98, and now has been ridiculously bids have pushed it to $25,400 (as of writing), with over seven days remaining.

Here is the description for the prototype:

You are bidding on black Apple iPhone 4 XXGB PROTOTYPE/TESTER. Please review all detailed pictures

I did removed rear cover to examine the internal parts and it looks just like any GSM iPhone, NO WATER DAMAGE, does not appear to be ever taken apart. Serial number does not appear to be valid according to apple.com

Sim tray has serial number and IMEI No, when I ran it through database it says that the iPhone is a tester.

1. iPhone has wear on the frame, some small marks on the rear cover, small marks on the screen. No cracks and no deep scratches.
2. Volume buttons don’t have the usual + for upper button and – for lower volume button
3. Phone will not activate on at&t and when syncing with iTunes it says that this phone can not be activated with at&t sim card it won’t activate (please review picture #10)
4. On rear cover Model No.: XXXXX FCC ID: BCGAXXXXX IC ID: 579C-AXXXXX (please review picture #8)
5. Front screen and rear cover has some type of numbers printed on the inside.

1. Vibrates
2. Volume buttons work
3. Home button works
4. Sleep button works
5. Screen is fully functional

1. black iPhone 4 XXGB (PLEASE READ ABOVE)

This iPhone is sold AS-IS, NO WARRANTY WHAT SO EVER.

Not sure what the use would be for a testing unit, but it would be one heck of a collector’s item that would be real, and not found from within a bar. Would you want this?

Picture below: