Images of an ‘iPhone 4GS’ Test Unit Appear Online?

Recent rumours mentioned next generation iPhone 5 parts being tested in an iPhone 4 body. Others have mentioned a cheaper iPhone being introduced with an edge-to-edge screen, in what many have deemed the ‘iPhone 4GS’.

New images have surfaced that appear to be an intriguing test unit based on the iPhone 4 posted by, that could allude to being a test device. The phone appears to be a 32GB unit running iOS 4.0, and the poster claims this could be an ‘iPhone 4GS’ test unit.

Here are the pictures below:

The translation of what the poster wrote implies this could also be a pre-iPhone 4 ‘tester’ unit. Until I see an iFixit-like teardown of this unit’s internals, we can’t really judge what exactly is inside. September is 1.5 months away, and until then we’ll continue to see interesting rumours being posted online.

[ via MacRumors]