Malware Invades Android While iOS Remains Untouched, McAfee Report

According to a study carried out by famous Anti-virus maker McAfee, Android is the most vulnerable mobile OS and is having serious issues with all sorts of malware with approximately 76% rise in viruses, trojans, and other rogue pieces of code that have affected the Google’s mobile platform in the second quarter of 2011. Around 44% of Android users are now running into various malware issues. According to the report, some of this malware that sends unwanted text messages or shows other scammy behavior, is found in apparently legitimate applications.

On the other hand, iOS is doing great keeping all the iPhones, iPods and iPads untouched by any malware attacks. McAfee has found zero legitimate threats to the stock iOS while only four attacks were noted which all came to the jailbroken devices. It seems Apple’s strategy of not allowing apps from outside of its own store, which may not be convincing for some developers and customers, has actually paid off.

The gap wasn’t directly explained by McAfee, although Symantec and others have already cast it as a matter of OS policies. Apple, while criticized for not allowing apps outside of its own store and often being strict on what apps can do, has been well-received in security studies. The requirements for signed, reviewed apps has prevented titles from installing themselves without permission, and it has blocked apps that might appear honest on the surface but compromise the lower-level OS behind the scenes

In case you’re wondering how webOS is the only other mobile OS with a flawless score? well probably because it’s just not used that much!