EscapeCapsule Case Brings The Ultimate Protection For Your iPhone 4

There are literally thousands of iPhone 4 cases out there but virtually none of them can provide the kind of protection you can get with this ultimate creation by Catalyst called the “EscapeCapsule”. Built with high quality clear polycarbonate, the case protects your iPhone 4 against water, snow, sand, bumps, scratches and just about everything. It is a true water-proof case that completely seals your iPhone 4 which means you can take it with you under water or even take a call in the rain.

Another cool thing about the case is that since it is made from a clear polycarbonate, it allows your iPhone to be showcased rather than hidden by the protective shel of EscapeCapsule. The case also comes with an attached lanyard to go around your wrist while you’re playing in the ocean or a pool with your iPhone. You also get a few color options to choose from.

Below is what the manufacturers have to say about their ultimate creation:

The EscapeCapsule is our first product and we are excited to show it to you.  We have not seen another case like it.  We have spent months working through concepts, 3D models, refinement, engineering, material research, testing and refining several rounds of prototypes.  It is been a long road and many late nights to get to where we are now, and we are very proud of what we have achieved.


  • Waterproof, rigid, high impact polycarbonate housing sealed with a silicon O-ring.
  • The touchscreen works great through the built-in optically perfect high impact polycarbonate screen protector.
  • The home, volume and lock buttons function through membranes that are built into the overall structure of the shock absorbing internal rubber bumper.
  • The cameras front and rear both work through the clear housing and provide great quality photos and videos.
  • Watertight plug that allows you to use your iPhone headphones to listen to music or make hands free phone calls.
  • Specifically designed membranes allow sound to transfer through the case to make clear phone calls.

Catalyst has 25 more days to reach its $30,000 funding goal and has already received $13,993. It will sell for $70 in the market once it goes into production. Meanwhile, check out a video showing EscapeCapule in action at Kickstarter.