BookBook iPhone 4 Case Review + Hands On [Video]

In the sea of iPhone 4 cases, there’s one that will make you stand out from the crowd and that’s the BookBook iPhone 4 case from TwelveSouth. This handmade leather case resembles a book, but also doubles as your wallet to carry your credit cards and ID.

The BookBook case resembles a vintage book, to eliminate anyone knowing you’re using an iPhone 4. In a sense, it makes it an all-in-one solution for holding your wallet and phone. It’s an extremely well made case that’s lightweight and beautiful to look at. I found it to hold my iPhone securely in a snug fit (my iPhone had Wrapsol protectors on the front and back at the time; review coming!).

Although it looks great, there are a couple pitfalls. If you’re a heavy iPhone photographer, be aware there’s no cutout for the camera. Thus, you’ll have to remove your iPhone to snap any pics. Aside from that, everything else works without a problem. There’s cut outs for your headphones and you’ll be able to charge the phone without a hitch (that is unless you use a dock).




Still, the BookBook iPhone 4 case is one of the best looking cases I’ve seen. It retails for $59.99, which isn’t ‘cheap’ but given the quality of the case, it is worth considering especially if you’re a fan of the vintage leather look. Here is our hands-on video with the BookBook, to provide some more details into this case:

Check it out here from TwelveSouth.