Now Park Your Car Using An iPhone With ‘Park4U’ App [VIDEO]

Auto-part supplier Valeo has demoed their assisted vehile-parking system called Park4U at the International Motor Show in Germany, driving the vehicle with an iPhone application. The company plans to release the Park4U app in the app store pretty soon which will allow you to park your car (with Park4U system installed( even without you sitting inside it, using an iPhone. It will allow users to remotely accelerate and apply the breaks when the vehicle is in assisted parking mode. It won’t however let users steer the vehicle left or right.

According to 9to5Mac:

The user doesn’t actually control steering in this case, that’s where the Park4U’s several sensors come in allowing for parallel parking with as little as 22 inches of clearance.

The Park4U technology is already deployed by a number of manufacturers including Ford, Audi, Volkswagen, and Lincoln, although we’re not sure when the iPhone app and remote parking capability will be hitting the market. Current versions automate parking while the driver remains in the vehicle

The developer’s at Valeo have not yet spilled out a release date for the iOS app but looking at the demonstration video at YouTube posted here, it seems the app is pretty much ready for a near future release.