iPhone 4S is “Smart Ready” as Bluetooth 4.0 Gets a Brand Extension

Today the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced that Bluetooth 4.0 will be promoted under the brand extension of “Bluetooth Smart Ready” and “Bluetooth Smart”. The aim of the brand extension is to create an “awareness around compatibility for new devices” that support the standard.

The iPhone 4S was the first mobile device to feature the new Bluetooth Smart standard. It promises a low-power consumption and low-latency implementation that opens the door to a number of new kinds of Bluetooth-powered devices. For instance, Bluetooth Smart devices could receive notifications for incoming calls, SMSs, and emails, as well as create an electronic leash capable of locating a device when within range (~5 meters).

While the iPhone 4S is not yet able to make extensive use of the features specific to Bluetooth Smart due to a lack of peripherals and accessories supporting the new standard, the hope of the brand extension effort is to encourage manufacturers to develop devices that will take full advantage of its capabilities.

Beyond the iPhone 4S, Apple has built Bluetooth 4.0 support into the Mac Mini and MacBook Air. Notably, today’s MacBook Pro update did not bring Bluetooth 4.0 support to that line.