Jawbone Up: A $100 Bracelet To Track Your Activity, Eating & Sleeping Habits [VIDEO]

Update 1: The Jawbone Up will be available this Sunday at Canadian Apple Stores for about $100.

Jawbone is well known for its line of Bluetooth headsets but now, they’ve introduced something quite extraordinary. Named as Jawbone Up, it is a colorful wristband which keeps track of your eating, sleeping as well as all your physical activities (such as exercise). Available in the United States initially on November 6th for a price of $100, the product will be launched across the globe on November 17th. According to Engadget, the device has a built-in sensor that knows when you’re in deep sleep, a step tracker that keeps tabs on distance, pace, calories burned etc. and also works with an iOS app that can identify photos of food.

As detailed by the source:

“Its killer feature could well be a sensor that detects what stage of sleep you’re in, and uses a vibrating motor to wake you up when you’re in a light sleep state. So, if you set your alarm for 7:30, it might rouse you slightly earlier if it knows your brain isn’t availing itself of some sweet REM. Like Fitbit, it also knows how many hours you slept and how long it took you to nod off. Once you’re ready to upload this treasure trove of data, just pull off the end of the wristband to reveal a 3.5mm plug, which will of course work with PCs, tablets and phones. It charges via USB, and you should be able to squeeze out seven days of use on a charge, according to Jawbone.”

The device also packs some social networking capabilities, allowing you to challenge your friends like “Who can do the most walking today?” and also view / share the stats on a leader board. The band is reported to be “sweat-proof” and will be available in seven attractive colors.

Here’s a little teaser video of Jawbone Up:

[Thanks to @wickedsoul87 for the tip!]