BundleHunt Mega Holiday Bundle: 95% Off 12 Mac Apps and Tools

BundleHunt.com is back, and this time around they have launched their much-anticipated ‘Mega Holiday Bundle‘. Users will get 12 Mac apps and tools, a total value of $1100, but on sale for 95% off at just $49.99.

They’re also giving away two 16GB iPad 2s to people who purchase the bundle, plus every person who ‘tweets’ the bundle will get a free copy of MacPaw’s Ensoul app ($9.99 value).

Here’s what’s included:

  1. BannerZest Pro ($129 USD) – Flash presentation software for professional and amateur web designers. (MAC OS X / Windows)
  2. PulpMotion Advanced Single-User License ($129 USD) – Create animated presentations using existing media, such as photos and music. (MAC OS X)
  3. LittleSnitch License ($40 USD) – Informs whenever a program attempts to establish an outgoing Internet connection. (MAC OS X)
  4. DEVONthink Personal($49.95 USD) – Document management software and automated workflows. (MAC OS X)
  5. WPBundle Mini-Bundle ($150 USD) – Unlimited use of any three WordPress themes, and 303 IconJar icons.
  6. Whitespace Icon Set ($65 USD) – 352 icons in PDF, PSD and PNg formats, from PixelPress Icons.
  7. DiskDrill Pro ($89 USD) – Protect and recover data on your Mac. (MAC OS X)
  8. Themify.me Themes on Developer License ($118 USD) – Choose any four customizable WordPress themes with a Developer License
  9. GoMedia Arsenal Ultimate Vector Collection ($200 USD) – Hundreds of items from seven complete vector sets.
  10. SmashingMagazine 9 Ebooks and Creative Set ($65 USD) – All nine ebooks on mobile and web design, plus The Creative Set for eBook Design. (PDF, epub, mobi)
  11. Copy Hackers Ebooks ($55.96 USD) – Four DIY ebooks on writing high-converting web copy, for non-writers. (PDF)
  12. MacPilot ($19.95 USD) – Over 350 features to enhance Mac OS X, ideal for novice and pro users. (MAC OS X)

The deal is worth it for LittleSnitch alone, plus the WordPress themes from Themify and WPBundle. If you’ve been thinking of starting your own website during the holidays, this offering from BundleHunt will get you on the right track.

$1100 worth of software and other goodies for only $49.99? Who can resist these sales? Don’t delay though, because the deal is only available for 9 more days, and ends on December 16th, 2011.

Click here to check out BundleHunt.com for more info.

(PS – Buying through our affiliate link supports iPhoneinCanada.ca. Thanks!)