Rogers/Fido Introduces ‘Premium SMS’ Management to Protect Customers

Rogers has announced they are introducing management for ‘premium SMS’ messages. These are SMS messages you subscribe to by texting a 5-digit number, such as entering contests or getting sports scores, etc. These expensive messages can add up and now Rogers has included options to cap them at $40 so your bill won’t explode, and you won’t receive anymore messages.

Here are the new changes:

  • The option to block all premium SMS so even if you accidentally submit your mobile number online to receive a ‘joke of the day’ you wouldn’t receive a text from a premium SMS service. This will also block SMS from other companies, like SMS flight updates. Don’t worry; you will still be able to receive texts from your friends and family.
  • For premium SMS chat we now send our customers a reminder when they reach $100 for one program, and when they reach $500 we end the program.
  • We provide detailed information on third party premium text message services on your bill, including contact information so if you have questions about a charge, you can easily contact the message provider.

All you have to do is call customer care to get this setup. Anyone out there subscribe to premium SMS messages? Rogers claims to be the first wireless carrier to offer this SMS management to customers.