Apple is the ‘Leading Edge’ Brand in Canada According to Ipsos Reid Survey

According to a new survey from Ipsos Reid, Apple took the top spot as a ‘leading edge’ brand in Canada. Just what makes a brand ‘leading edge’? Over 1000 respondents had to refer to the following 14 statements that were tested among 10 brands:

  • Is a trendsetter
  • Is unique
  • Are unconventional
  • Stand-out
  • Is innovative
  • Is an original
  • Are ahead of its time
  • Leads it competitors
  • Sets an example for other brands
  • Is edgy
  • Is sexy
  • Has forever changed the consumer landscape
  • Is the benchmark I compare competitive brands against
  • I can’t wait to see what they will introduce next

On average, Canadians took into account 45% of the statements related to ‘leading edge’ applied to Apple, almost two times more than any other brand.

“It’s been amazing to see what Apple has accomplished over the past decade, through the introduction of innovative and iconic products,” says Steve Levy, President, Ipsos Reid. “While being seen as leading edge is only one factor in brand influence it is definitely one of the most important, something that Apple has recognized and excelled at achieving.”

These brands represent the 10 most leading-edge brands in Canada from among 100 brands tested:

1. Apple (45%)
2. Google (24%)
3. Ikea (23%)
4. Microsoft (23%)
5. Cirque de Soleil (22%)
6. Coca-Cola (22%)
7. President’s Choice (21%)
8. Tim Hortons (20%)
9. YouTube (19%)
10. SONY (17%)

Taking those 14 statements into mind, Apple definitely can be considered a ‘leading edge’ brand, but it didn’t take a survey to tell you that. Just look outside any Apple Store the day(s) before any product launch and you’ll get the message.

What brands out of the top 10 list do you think are also worth of being considered ‘leading edge’?

[Ipsos Reid via CNW]