Bell Let’s Talk Day Raises $3.9 Million for Mental Health Programs

Yesterday was Bell’s Let’s Talk Day to raise money for mental health awareness in Canada. The company asked people to call, text, or tweet for a 5 cent donation towards mental health programs. The result? 78.5 million texts, long-distance calls and retweets that raised almost $4 million dollars:

Canadians responded with 78,520,284 texts, long-distance calls and retweets – a 19% increase over the first Bell Let’s Talk Day in 2011. With Bell donating 5 cents for each text, long-distance call and retweet, Bell Let’s Talk Day 2012 results in a Bell donation of $3,926,014.20 to Canadian mental health programs.

“Thank you Canada! By talking so openly about mental illness and its impact, you’re letting family, friends, neighbours and colleagues who struggle with mental illness know they can talk about it and seek the help they may need,” said Ms. Hughes, Canada’s six-time Olympic medalist. “I’ve heard encouraging stories of hope and opportunity from so many people throughout the Bell Let’s Talk Day campaign. Together, we’ve taken the conversation about mental health to a new level – it’s a conversation that’s not just changing lives, it’s saving lives.”

Are you a Bell customer that participated in yesterday’s Let’s Talk Day?

Earlier today Bell announced it would be extending its LTE network tomorrow to seven more Canadian cities.

[via CNW]