The iPhone Has Finally Outsold the BlackBerry in Canada

We all saw this coming. As noted by Bloomberg, sales of Apple’s iPhone has finally outsold the BlackBerry in Canada last year:

RIM, based in Waterloo, Ontario, shipped 2.08 million BlackBerrys last year in Canada, compared with 2.85 million units for Apple, data compiled by IDC and Bloomberg show. In 2010, the BlackBerry topped the iPhone by half a million, and in 2008, the year after the iPhone’s debut, RIM outsold Apple by almost five to one.

RIM’s ex co-CEOs must be crying right about now. When the original iPhone debuted in 2007, RIM actually didn’t believe such a device was possible or real.

Last September, comScore noted iPhones already outnumbered BlackBerrys in Canada. Last February, updated numbers from comScore mentioned Apple’s smartphone market share was set to surpass RIM.

Finally, we can shut the foaming mouths of BlackBerry users that continue to hold onto their archaic devices because of ‘BBM’ and ‘push email’. The reign of the BlackBerry in this country is finished, unless you’re an aging dinosaur in the corporate world (Canada’s big banks still issue BlackBerrys to their employees) that fears switching to an iPhone or Android device, because you like buttons and are so entrenched into a non-friendly and unintuitive user interface.

You do have to feel bad for RIM, though. They stopped innovating and kept churning out the same boring crap over and over. Don’t get me wrong, I love Canadian companies, but when it comes to RIM they only have themselves to blame. /rant

[via Bloomberg]