Text4Science Project Reveals More Than 8000 Messages Collected to Date

Back in January we noted about the project Text4Science, a Canadian-led study that was part of a larger international project to learn if text messaging is making us more creative. Some initial results have come in as revealed by Text4Science, and they have amassed over 8000 messages to date. Here is some early data on what they’ve received:

Preliminary research findings show that contributors have used 10 different ways to text laughter, including three variants of “LOL.”

OK has been texted 12 different ways, including “okay,” and “k,” and “see you” was four times as common as “c u.”

I don’t know if texting is making us more ‘creative’, but rather it’s a way for us to use lazy shortcuts to type messages in a faster and more efficient manner when you don’t have the time to type out a sentence.

[via the Globe and Mail]