Simply Declare Helps Keep Track of Cross-Border Purchases

Keeping track of your purchases while travelling abroad is made easier with Simply Declare

One of the biggest topics for discussion for Canadians these days, has been, “Why is everything so much more expensive in Canada than it is in the U.S.?”

No doubt, a big motivating factor behind this has been the insatiable thirst Canadians have for cross-border shopping.

Trying to approximate which customs line is the fastest, evading paying duties or racing minivans to the border has become almost like a sport.

It is always interesting to hear stories of Canadians playing ‘Russian-Roulette’ at Customs, hoping to avoid paying taxes on their dirt-cheap clothing.  But in all honesty it’s better to suck it up and pay up the HST (leather goods, totally different story) instead of getting blacklisted.

Simply Declare, an iPhone app created by Rae Mapey aims to help travellers keep track of their purchases abroad to properly monitor their spending.

“My husband and I spend most of our winter in Phoenix,” said Mapey, from her home in Campbell River, B.C.

“My sister travels for work and moves from country to country.  There’s no way for her to keep track of what she’s bought.

After spending several months down south, it becomes a challenge to keep track of her purchases, and the receipts that go along with them.

Mapey daylights as a bookkeeper, but took a stab at creating Simply Declare to help her to keep track.

Simply Declare allows travellers to keep track of all their receipts, and whether you go for a day shopping trip, or cross-Europe business trip.

This app is not just for Canadian travellers, and works seamlessly with over 30 different currencies, as varied as the Polish Zloty.  The App automatically sends the most recent currency exchanges and adjust accordingly the duty-free amounts allowed for your home country.

As Mapey continues to refine the App, expect more features and enhancements in the near future.

Simply Declare is available now in the App Store for $1.99.