iPhone 5 Photos Surface of Possible Test Device

Some new pictures have surfaced of what Kitguru.net is claiming to be a the iPhone 5. They say that this is a “pre-release test sample”, and that is why it doesn’t look too polished. This device strikes quite a resemblance to previous “leaked” iPhone 5 parts. It is hard to say if this adds some legitimacy to the previous leaked parts, or if this is a fake, just copying the other fakes.

This apparent test device does continue the rumour of a larger screen, longer design, new earphone jack location, and the all new dock connector. This looks pretty rough though, and is obviously no where close to being ready for release.

I really have mixed feelings about this apparent new design. The fact is that, aesthetically, it’s not really all that new. Sure it looks a bit bigger, but if it wasn’t side by side with the current iPhone, you would think it is an iPhone 4/4S. The new dock connector will be unsettling for many people who have multiple chargers, docks, etc, with the old connector. Some stereo systems and some vehicles come with an iPhone dock built in, using the current 30 pin connector. Apple will surely have to release some kind of adaptor at the same time the new iPhone is launched. Possibly even include it in the box.

What’s your opinion? Are you more convinced this design is real, or more convinced this design is fake?