Siri Misidentifies Poisonous Plants In Paper Advertisement

Siri has been caught red faced after mistaking poison ivy for poisonous oak in their latest paper advertisement on the back of the The Economist. The advertisement clearly asks Siri, “What does poison oak look like?”–the response pulls up a photo of poison ivy instead, courtesy of Wolfram Alpha.

If this is myself making the search, I wouldn’t make a huge deal over the invalid result, but this is an Apple advertisement. It’s very amusing this ad bypassed Apple–we are talking a company of perfection and they allow an inaccurate advertisement to be printed.

Now to the funny part. If you ask Siri what poison oak looks like, she will provide a photo of the actual plant. In the case of the ad, a graphic designer apparently wasn’t pleased by the photo Siri provided, resulting in a picture swap. But even still, Apple should review ads ensuring this type of embarrassment doesn’t happen.

Here is Siri’s actual result:

The discussion regarding the poisonous plant first began when botanist Lena Struwe of Rutgers University was flipping through her copy of The Economist. According to Business Insider, Struwe said, “This doesn’t look right,” so she, “sent it to the botanist community,” and that’s when the discussion began.

In the end, it’s not a huge deal. After all, it took a botanist to notice the mishap. Are you going to hold this against Apple?

[via iDownloadBlog]