Consumer Study Finds Interest In Apple Branded Television Near 50 Percent

The Apple television set has long been rumored as an upcoming Apple product release. Analysts have predicted a launch anywhere from this holiday season to even a year from now. Although I am yet to believe an Apple TV set is coming, analyst Piper Jaffray has kept his belief strong.

Jaffray held a survey consisting of 200 consumers from the midwest of the United States. When consumers were asked if they would find interest in a 42-inch Apple-branded television during the upcoming months, 49 percent answer “yes.” But when those 99 consumers were told the television may cost $1500, only 12 percent remained interested.

Consumers that aren’t on the market for a TV said they would be interested “very soon” if Apple released a TV set: (via AppleInsider)

More significant, however, is that 29% of respondents who said they weren’t currently in the market for a new TV in the near term admitted that they’d suddenly be lured back into the market given the advent of a TV manufactured by Apple.

The effect Apple has on current customers is astonishing. It was found that 67 percent of consumers who had shown interest in the Apple TV set owned an iOS-powered device. Furthermore, 21% of consumers said their interest was driven by Apple’s ecosystem.

Piper Jaffray also added his own thoughts into the report, mentioning the Apple branded TV may hit the market mid-to-late 2013! So save your money up, this may be one expensive, Apple glorified television set.

[via AppleInsider]

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