Backplate Mod Kit Turns Your iPhone 4/4S into an ‘iPhone 5’ [PICS]

Looks like some interesting backplate mod kits are now available to transform your ageing iPhone 4/4S into the latest ‘iPhone 5’. Images of the two-toned purported next generation iPhone backplate first arrived on the web via 9to5Mac. Even prior to its release people have broken down why Apple would opt for this new design.

The latest backplate kits are available from, and M.I.C. Gadget got their hands on a kit and put it to the test.

Check out the images below and tell me what you think–is this mod worth $30 bucks?

It reminds me of the days when Nokia case mods were available to transform your candy bar phone to have a ‘slider’ to reveal the keypad. Or the ones where you could add extra LEDs for that aerodynamic look.

It’s like Honda drivers ‘ricing out’ their cars, during the 90’s and early 2000’s, no? Now you can do the same for your iPhone 4/4S. Next level winning, achieved.