Samsung Faces Potential Ban On Its Devices Following Apple Win, Injunction Hearing Set For September 20

Yesterday, Apple vs Samsung jury released their verdict that found Samsung guilty of infringing on Apple’s patents and they are to pay just over $1 billion dollars in damages. Now, the court is preparing to consider a potential sales ban on a number of Samsung’s mobile devices, reports Electronista.

After the jury was dismissed, U.S District Court Judge Lucy Koh quickly transitioned to the subject of injunction hearings to determine which, devices will be affected by the case. The report claims that ban could affect a wide range of devices, though the case was limited to aging models rather than Samsung’s latest devices.

Lawyers representing Apple have asked for the process to be expedited, considering the “irreparable harm” caused by Samsung’s patent infringement. Judge Koh agreed to the request, asking Apple to submit its injunction filings by August 29 ahead of the formal hearing.

The injunction hearing has now been scheduled for September 20, just one week after the widely rumoured iPhone 5 launch event.

Citing the huge amount of evidence in the case, Samsung’s lawyers objected to having just 14 days to respond to Apple’s filing. However, Judge Koh declined to provide more time due to the court’s busy schedule.