REVIEW: DRACO IV EVO Hybrid Aluminum Bumper Case For iPhone 4/4S [20% Off Coupon]

Back in May when I reviewed the Draco IV aluminum bumper for iPhone 4/4S, I specifically mentioned that I haven’t experienced any reception issues with the case as experienced by many Draco IV users. While I still haven’t noticed any significant signal drop during my use of Draco IV, folks over at Draco Design have definitely taken this issue into account and have apparently eliminated it by introducing Draco IV EVO, a hybrid bumper case for iPhone 4/4S that combines the beauty of aluminum with polycarbonate (UV Coating) in order to improve radio field interference. Full review continues after the break.


  • Compatible with all versions of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Composite hybrid construction of aluminum and polycarbonate (UV coating)
  • Ergonomic grip design
  • Designed in Japan, Made in Taiwan



Like the Draco IV, the EVO also comes packaged in a nice looking box that contains the hybrid Draco IV EVO bumper, a set of metal screws with an L-shaped key and a silent switch. In addition, you also get front and back scratch protection films and a cleaning cloth, something that was missing with the previous model.

The first noticeable change is the replacement of left aluminum segment with UV coated polycarbonate that is supposed to eliminate any radio field interference. The volume buttons are also built into the polycarbonate segment unlike the previous version where you needed to place them into their cutouts. The silent switch however is still provided separately which requires to be inserted into its cutout during installation. Similarly the aluminum segment has the power button built-in, which makes it a lot easier to install.

The installation procedure is similar to Draco IV, only a lot easier this time since you only need to insert the silent switch into its cutout during the process. Then slide the phone in between the two piece chassis and tighten the bumper screws with the included L-key.

Like its predecessor, Draco IV EVO’s ergonomically designed curves give it an eye-catching look. It feels even better in your hands with improved grip as compared to the previous version. Once again, the tactile feedback from all the buttons is excellent. As with the previous model, the headphone opening on this one also won’t accept L-shaped or thicker 3.5mm jacks. The dock connector cutout should however accept majority of Apple and 3rd party accessories.

Having used the case for over a week now, I can confirm there are absolutely no radio interference issues whatsoever. Even though I never experienced the problem with Draco IV, the hybrid EVO case is definitely going to eliminate it for those who did. I also believe it can better survive everyday falls and bumps than the previous model.


Draco IV EVO hybrid aluminum case is undoubtedly one of the best looking bumpers in the market that not only improves on its predecessor in terms of radio interference, but also provides easier installation and better grip than the previous one. For bumper case lovers, this one is a must have!

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