Apple Acquires Many LTE Patents To Prevent Possible Samsung Lawsuit

Apple has recently acquired many LTE patents in effort to deflect a potential lawsuit from the South Korean Samsung. After losing the case against Apple; Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee mentioned striking back if the iPhone was released with LTE. Considering the iPad has LTE, the iPhone without question should include LTE.

Chosun has details on Apple and Samsung’s LTE patents:

LTE standard patents registered with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute show that Apple had no LTE patents last year but has now acquired 318 patents or 4.9 percent of total LTE patents to rank among the top 10 patent holders, the Korea Intellectual Property Office said Monday.

Samsung Electronics had 819 (12.7 percent) to rank first, followed by the U.S. patent company InterDigital with 780 patents (12.1 percent). China’s Huawei ranked fifth with 402 (6.2 percent).

Hopefully with the addition of these LTE patents Apple can successfully plant the blazing fast wireless internet speeds on the iPhone without running into a lawsuit. They only developed 44 of those 318 patents while the rest came from varying sources.

The Cupertino company will announce its sixth-generation iPhone onstage at the Yerba Buena Center next Wednesday. If they announce a 4G compatible iPhone we will have to see if Samsung “will immediately sue Apple.”