Apple Shows Off New iPod Nano: Larger Display, Improved Battery, And More

Apple has just unveiled their all-new line of iPods, including the iPod nano and iPod touch this morning at the Yerba Buena Center. This has turned out to be a busy morning as we previously expected an update to simply the iPhone and possibly the iPod touch.

The iPod nano hasn’t been updated since September of 2010 if you recall. The device was so small, and Apple wanted to do something about that.

iPod Nano

This is the 7th generation iPod nano. Apple had a goal to “reinvent” the device. To do so, they gave the nano a much larger display. It’s portable and is actually 50 percent thinner than the sixth generation device.

On the side of the new iPod nano, a physical volume switch is found. Fairly similar to the iPod touch and iPhone if you ask me:

The screen is 2.5 inches in height and has multi-touch capabilities. It comes in seven different colors, you can actually view them all below.

The device packs video playing abilities, a FM radio (with live pause), a Nike fitness pedometer, and the lightning port we discussed earlier today.

Battery life is astounding, Apple claims the nano will provide nearly 30 hours of audio playback, better than any other past nano device.

Also for the very first time ever, the nano has Bluetooth support. This means you can stream music to your Bluetooth headphones, stereo, etc.

The iPod nano will cost $149 and will be made available in October. Consumers will have the lone choice of grabbing the device with 16 GB of storage. At the moment Apple hasn’t made anyone aware of expandable options.