iCloud Website Now Features Notification Banners Like iOS [PHOTO]

Earlier this year, a month prior to the announcement of iOS 6 in May a report surfaced of the iCloud website testing notification banners online. The ability was short-lived and we haven’t seen such functionality on the iCloud website since.

With the official release of many new applications on the iCloud website over the past week we are now beginning to see a return of those iOS-like notification banners. All credit goes to 9To5Mac for pointing this out:

When you receive any Mail, Calendar, Reminders, Find My iPhone, or iWork notifications they will appear on the iCloud website. As you see on the example photo above I sent a test email to myself.

You can visit the iCloud website today, just login with your iTunes account information to get started. Let us know in the comments how often you visit iCloud.com.