Don’t Plan On Using iMessage, Apple Suffering Apparent Outage [UPDATED]

If you’re a heavy iMessage user you may have to revert to another form of communication for the afternoon. Apparently quite a few users are experiencing outages, according to The Next WebA simple search of ‘iMessage’ on Twitter will bring up thousands of whining Apple fans complaining about the outage.

After reading many tweets, it sounds like the outage is only affecting a few people. For example, one tweet reads, “my iMessage is only working for some people.”

Currently we are still trying to find out the source of the problem and a statement from Apple. We will update the post when we receive any additional details.

UPDATE: The issue is mainly relating to phone numbers on the 3G network. People are having less issues when it comes to using their Apple ID over a Wi-Fi network to send iMessages. There is more to come…

Are you experiencing the outage on your device?