Consumer Reports on the iPhone 5: “Another Winning Smart Phone from Apple”

Consumer Reports has published (via AppleInsider) their initial review of the iPhone 5, and so far they called it a positive upgrade:

By boosting screen size, thinning its profile, and adding 4G LTE access, among other features, his newest iPhone shows every sign of being the most compelling yet. And even its biggest drawback, its beta-like Maps app, is likely to improve over time.

The new phone is a worthy upgrade for owners of older iPhones who want a bigger screen and faster data access. Otherwise, iPhone owners might note that a number of the phone’s improvements, including the panoramic camera mode and the ability for the Siri voice assistant to control apps, are available by upgrading your iPhone 4S to the new iOS 6 software.

The only downside noted by Consumer Reports was the unpolished Apple Maps application in iOS 6. Users have voiced mixed reviews of Apple’s new maps, a change from the former Google Maps.

In the past, Consumer Reports reported they could not recommend purchasing the iPhone 4 (based on antenna issues) which caused some controversy, but did praise the iPhone 4S. How happy are you with your iPhone 5 right now?

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