Griffin Announces MOTC TC Racer/Monster iOS Remote Controlled Cars

Griffin has announced the release of a couple iOS remote-controlled accessories, the MOTO TC Racer and Monster. Both are controlled by an iOS device by downloading their respective apps, with the latter via the MOTO TC Monster app.

The app will provide touch controls for a steering wheel and throttle for your iPhone/iPad and motion controls are available by tilting your iOS device. You can also just slide your finger across the display to direct the truck over the Bluetooth connection. The truck supports control by the iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3GS and all generation iPads.

The MOTO TC Monster is available for $59.99, and the MOTO TC Racer will be $29.99 (available in November). I guess with these new age remote controlled cars you’ll never lose the remote thanks to Find my iPhone, eh?