EnStream’s Mobile Wallet Technology Coming to RIM and MTS Allstream

EnStream has announced it has made progress towards bringing secure mobile credentials for mobile payments along with partnering with RIM and forming a new Mobile Advisory Council.

EnStream’s technology will offer a secure credential solution for banks and credential management for wireless carriers. The company recently partnered with SaskTel in September to offer its Secure Element Management (SEM) system, which provides real-time wireless management of credentials within smartphones.

“This is a key step to making widespread access to secure mobile payments a reality for consumers in Canada. EnStream is leading the way by providing a single interconnection gateway for all Canadian carriers and all Canadian banks,” said Almis Ledas, Chief Operating Officer of EnStream. “We’re proud that Canada will be one of the first countries in the world to make a shared gateway available to accelerate the adoption of this technology, thanks to the capital commitments and technological capabilities of Canada’s wireless carriers.”

On top of today’s announcement, MTS Allstream has announced it will be the second wireless carrier in Canada to adopt EnStream’s secure mobile technology, set to launch in Manitoba in 2013:

The initial agreement between EnStream and MTS gives MTS access to EnStream’s Secure Element Management (SEM) platform, and in turn, EnStream will provide participating banks and other financial institutions the means to facilitate transactions for MTS customers. These customers will be able to make payments using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which allows one device to send and receive information with another device in close proximity. MTS customers will be able to tap their NFC-enabled smartphone to a payment terminal to make payments without the need for chip cards.

The agreement looks to broaden the usage of NFC for mobile payments. Back in April, it was reported that Rogers, Telus and Bell would be set to launch EnStream’s mobile wallet within six months time. EnStream has an existing mobile payment app called Zoompass, which allows money transfers via Interact, Western Union and prepaid Zoompass MasterCard.

Rogers recently partnered with Gemalto to offer SIM-based NFC mobile payments.