Canadians Sent Almost 24 Billion Text Messages in 2012 Q2

Yesterday morning the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) updated their stats on the number of text messages sent by Canadians in 2012 Q2. This time around you sent 23.8 billion texts which eclipsed the numbers from 2012 Q1 (23 billion).

Here are the highlights of their stats:

  • More than 8 billion person-to-person text messages were sent in June 2012 alone, which represents an average of approximately 267.8 million messages per day.
  • Total text messages sent in 2011 numbered 78 billion, up from the 56.4 billion messages sent in 2010.
  • In Q2 2012, MMS messages sent totaled 141 million. As of June 2012, Canadians are sending an average of 1.5 million MMS messages per day.
  • Total person-to-person MMS messages sent in 2011 numbered 326.7 million.
  • Canadians sent and received a total of 607 million text messages using Common Short Codes in Q2 2012.
  • A total of 2.8 billion Common Short Code messages were sent and received by Canadians in 2011, up from the 2.3 billion messages in 2010.

Below is a chart detailing monthly and daily text messages sent since March 2006:

These numbers don’t reflect the messages sent via third party apps such as Apple’s iMessage or popular messaging app WhatsApp. During Apple’s iPad media event, CEO Tim Cook noted iOS users have topped over 300 billion iMessages sent last year, which works out to 28,000 per second. This June, Apple noted they had over 150 billion messages sent.

How often do you send text messages versus ones using iMessage/WhatsApp (or other third party apps)?