TELUS ‘Refreshed’ 16GB iPhone 4S Contract Free Units Available for $349

This deal was available in late September, but it’s still kicking around as a ‘hot deal’. TELUS has ‘refreshed’ 16GB iPhone 4S units available for $349 in either black or white–contract free.

telus refreshed iphone 4s

telus refresh iphone 4s

What makes this deal slightly warm is these RFD’ers point out numerous iPhone unlocks on eBay will do the job for roughly $60 (or cheaper), as opposed to paying the recently reduced TELUS unlocking price of $35 (which first requires month to month service for at least 90 days).

Furthermore, some RFD members point out some of these ‘refreshed’ units appear to still have AppleCare attached to their serial numbers (you can check here on Apple’s website with the refreshed unit), so you could very well luck out. 

So for just over $349 + the $60 (ish) eBay unlock, you could have yourself an unlocked iPhone 4S versus buying a new unlocked unit from Apple for $599. RFD members who have purchased the ‘refreshed’ units noted they were in very good shape and pleased with them.

Let me know if you are going to jump on this!