Virgin Mobile Survey Reals How to Have an Intimate Texts [Infographic]

Canadians love to communicate via text messages–a week ago the CWTA reported we sent over 24 billion of them in Q2 of 2012. This is also become the new norm for flirting and dating, according to Virgin Mobile and their recent study detailing “textiquette”.

LedgerWeb asked over 1000 Canadians in an online panel about their texting habits and concluded sending texts makes people braver (45%) and flintier (41%). As for some interesting stats in a breakdown by province:

  • Atlantic Canada deserves a big thumbs award. More than three quarters (78%) of Maritimers using text messaging to keep in touch with a love interest or significant other.
  • Quebecers are the most patient. 23% thought that waiting a week to respond to a text was playing hard to get.
  • To Ontarians, texting is the new wingman! Half of Ontarians surveyed say that texting makes their love life better.
  • Manitoba and Saskatchewan residents are too sexy to be shy. When it comes to sending sexy messages, 42% of them admit to this steamy behavior.
  • B.C. the brave. British Columbia is home to some of the most fearless Canadians, and we’re not just talking on the slopes. More than half of west coasters surveyed say they are braver via text.
  • Don’t expect an Albertan to kiss and tell. When asked how exciting their text life is compared to their sex life – one-fifth didn’t know or preferred not to say.

Check out the following infographic:

Whatever happened to talking face to face with people? I guess it’s easier to send a text message with Siri, right??

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