Stop Using Your iPhone 5 Naked: A Few of Our Favourite Cases

Some of you are purists, preferring the iPhone 5 just as nature (Apple) intended: sleek, light and beautiful in all of its aluminum-backed glory. Many of you will fall into another category: you have children, a job that has you constantly on the go, outdoor hobbies or maybe just butterfingers. If you fall into that second category, a case can be a real phone-saver.

Of course, you might just like playing dress-up and find that a new case makes your iPhone feel brand new over (and over) again!

When it comes to cases, there are a few schools of thought:

Hard-Core Protection
You really didn’t mean to run over your phone with the car. You also didn’t mean to drop it out of a second storey window. Chances are good you also didn’t mean to leave it out on your back porch during the last rain storm. Sometimes life just happens and those a little more accident prone should really consider a serious military-grade case.
Recommendation: Griffin Survivor ($49.99 USD)
Reasons: This case is built for extreme conditions (dirt, sand, rain, shock, vibration) while still being fun and colourful.

If you will pardon the pun, this style of case is like insurance: there for the moment you accidentally drop your iPhone 5 onto the kitchen floor. Cases like this will protect from the typical types of every-day life events that could otherwise damage your phone. They may not be waterproof and likely won’t keep your device safe during a sand-storm, but they give you a fighting chance. Sometimes it’s all about compromise; these cases tend to be a lot smaller and lighter than their heavy-duty counterparts.
Recommendation: Incipio Faxion ($34.99 USD)
Reasons: Beautiful hard-shell case with a soft, impact resistant core.

Safety from Bumps and Scratches
Being honest, a case of this type is almost entirely cosmetic –but what is wrong with that? The other reason to grab a case like this is for a little extra grip, especially for those of you one-handed iPhone users.
Recommendation: Belkin View Case ($19.99 USD)
Reasons: The clear back lets you enjoy the two-toned beauty of your new iPhone 5 while giving you a little TPU band around the edges for a splash of colour and extra protection –plus, the price is right!

Whatever your choice, have some fun with your iPhone 5 case –make sure that it represents your lifestyle and personality. What is your favourite go-to case?