Kickstarter: Romo – The Amazing iPhone / iPod Robot [VIDEO]

A cool Kickstarter project by the name of Romo, is an affordable, personal robot that uses your iPhone or iPod touch as its brain. According to the developers, this next-gen Romo is almost everything a personal robot should be i.e cute, responsive and really fast, though it’s still not capable of doing all that stuff you see in the movies.

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The creators of Romo are now aiming to develop a bigger and stronger robot, for which they are seeking help to develop software that will make the robot even better. 

“We’ve created great basic apps for Romo, and he’s super fun to play with.

But we have a bigger vision. We want to create really advanced software that lets Romo do the things robots do in the movies”.

Main functions of Romo include:

  • Remote 2-way telepresence
  • Computer vision
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Facial recognition

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The developers are now hoping to use the funds pledged for the development of more features, which will be released in updated apps. With a pledge of $150, users will get one brand new next generation Romo. Users can dock any one of these devices on Romo’s mobile robotic base:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPod Touch 4th Generation 

To operate / drive Romo, any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad can be used. Even a Mac computer can be used to control Romo. Check out the following video and see what Romo is capable of: