Canadians are a Nation of ‘Nomophobes’ says Rogers Survey [INFOGRAPHIC]

The latest Rogers Innovation Report for 2012 was conducted to reveal Canadians are increasingly becoming addicted to their smartphones. A panel of 1040 Angus Reid Forum members that owned smartphones and tablets with data plans were surveyed in late November.

The results have produced a look at some trends in 2012–here are some interesting ones:

  • 55% of respondents check their phones before they brush their teeth
  • 83% have taken their smartphones to the bathroom
  • Those with smartphones on the nightstand are now at 51%, an increase of 12% compared to 2011
Are you a nomophobe (you fear being out of mobile contact)? I know a tonne of you take your iPhone or iPad to the bathroom already, just admit it. You can check out the full survey report here.

[via Rogers Redboard]

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