Just Mobile AluPen™ Stylus + Encore™ iPad Stand [REVIEW]

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that I absolutely love my AluPen Pro™ stylus from Just Mobile. It’s something that I keep in my pocket virtually all the time. I’ve been using it for almost a year now and I don’t think I’ve come across a better functioning stylus than this one. The same silky smooth soft rubber nib used in the AluPen Pro™, is what also makes the slightly chunkier AluPen™ so special, another quality stylus from Just Mobile. Pair it with a Just Mobile Encore™ stand and you’ll get the perfect writing / drawing setup for your iPad. Take a look!


Being the kind of person who likes to take notes and manage to-do’s on the iPad on daily basis, I know how important it is to have the right stylus. I’ve tried some low end styli in the past and have literally ended up scratching my tablet’s display. Some of them would even miss the strokes while writing, which is in fact the most common annoyance with majority of capacitive tip stylus pens. But with AluPen™, it’s a completely different story.



Like the AluPen Pro™, this one is also sculpted from high quality aluminium into a hexagonal pencil. The only difference is that AluPen™ is a bit thicker and does not have a retractable ballpoint pen at the other end. It looks much like a chunky crayon and is available in a plethora of color options. You also get a carrying case and an extra rubber tip for replacement.



The capacitive black rubber tip is precise, smooth and extremely sensitive. I use Penultimate and Paper apps for writing notes on my iPad and I must say, it’s a pleasure to do it with the AluPen™. And when I need to put the iPad on my table, I use the Just Mobile Encore™ stand. Those who like to sketch or paint on the iPad would love the setup. The Encore™ allows you to place your iPad in either portrait or landscape mode, while its flexible hinged arm lets you position the iPad at just the right angle for writing. You really couldn’t ask for more could you? 😉




The AluPen™ currently sells for US $24.95 while the Encore™ is available for US $59.95. You can grab these online at just-mobile.com.

AluPen™ Stylus Giveaway

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