Woxom SlingShot Smartphone Video Stabilizer [Review]


A while back Photojojo sent us the Woxom SlingShot video stabilizer for smartphones to check out. The SlingShot aims to improve your video quality as it changes the way you’ll record videos from your iPhone or smartphone. Originally a Kickstarter project, the SlingShot aims to bring an affordable stabilizer for smartphone videographers.



The SlingShot consists of a plastic handle (that also acts as an instant table-top tripod) connected to a cradle via a standard 1/4-20 thread, which is the standard for tripod mounts. The handle has a ball joint that moves in any direction.

All you do is insert your iPhone into the cradle (it’ll fit the iPhone 5) by pulling apart the bendable sides and you’re ready to go. I found the hard plastic build to be quite strong and solid. A squeeze of the tripod legs easily removes and returns them into the handle. Clever.



By holding the iPhone with a handle, videos instantly stabilize and lose hand shake and jittery movements, improving your overall quality. Since the handle is removable you could take the cradle and mount it on a tripod or telescopic monopod for some creative videos.


What made the Woxom a winner in my books is that it ensures a comfortable grip when holding your iPhone for long periods shooting video. On top of that, the tripod feature and portability of the SlingShot makes it easy to take anywhere. If you film a lot of videos, the SlingShot makes it easy to shoot sturdy videos while keeping your iPhone in whatever case it resides in.

The Woxom SlingShot retails for $20, available from Photojojo.