Asymco: Apple Has Set A New Record For ‘Revenue Per Store Visitor’

According to Asymco’s Horace Dediu, Apple has set a new record for ‘revenue per store visitor’ during the first quarter of 2013. The mobile analyst noted that the Cupertino giant took in a record revenue per visitor of $57.60, continuing to perform twice as well as Tiffany & Co., the second best retailer in the US.

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The report notes that Apple retail showed a 7% growth in visitors, hitting an all time new revenue record of $57.6 per visitor. The average revenue per Apple store per quarter reached $13 million, making it the highest for a non-holiday quarter. Similarly, the average number of visitors per store hit 250,000 per quarter, compared with 170,000 visitors per store per quarter three years ago.

“Here are some additional metrics:

Employment has steadied at about 110 per store. This is a remarkable increase from less than half this level in 2007.

Hiring remains closely correlated with visits with visitors per employee per quarter holding to slightly more than 2000.

Average visitors per store has steadied to 250,000 per store per quarter (average for trailing 12 months). This is a quantum increase from about 170,000 per store per quarter in the twelve months ending Q1 2010. The reason for this might be the increase in floor space of newer stores and the renovation of older stores. The new store throughput rate might be an upper bound due to fire regulations”.

The analysis also claims that Apple’s profit per visitor also held steady at about $12 per quarter.