Evernote Introduces ‘Reminders’ To iOS, Mac OS And Web Applications

The incredibly popular, cross platform notes syncing service Evernote has today been updated to include easy-to-use reminders. Evernote’s Reminders, which are now available on its Mac, iOS and web applications, appear as an alarm clock icon at the top-right of the notes on Mac and web, and at the bottom of the notes on iOS.

Reminder add mac

Users can now tap the alarm clock icon on each note and set the desired date and time they want to be reminded of it. In an official blog post, Evenote’s VP of Marketing Andrew Sinkov says that the feature actually addresses the top three user requests. “We’re excited to announce a new part of Evernote that will keep you on track every step of the way”, he says. In addition to reminders, users wanted a way to quickly create note-based to-do lists as well as pin notes to the top of their Note list.

You’ll get an in-app alarm and, optionally, an email the day that a Reminder is due. Once set, you’ll see the note title appear in the new Reminder section at the top of the note list. You can change the order of Reminders simply by dragging them around. When you complete your task, tap on the check or, on iOS, swipe to remove the Reminder from the list.

Like most things in Evernote, Reminders sync across all versions of the app that support the new feature.

The company is now working to expand the functionality to more platforms in the near future.