Swiftkey Developers Bet on iOS Keyboard API at WWDC

On Monday the Wordwide Developers Conference 2013 will kick off. It is one of the most anticipated events of the year, with Apple unveiling the whole new world that is developing under the aegis of the Cupertino, California company.

wwdc 2013.jpg

You are not the only one waiting on pins and needles for that Monday keynote. TouchType, the maker of the Swiftkey software keyboard for Android phones is too. A possible hint for opening up the API for the keyboard (its greatest weakness) is Tim Cook’s words during the D11 interview: “I think you will see us open up more in the future,” he said. “But not to the degree that we put the customer at risk of having a bad experience.”

“The most obvious API for them to open is the keyboard, because it is the greatest weakness,” TouchType marketing chief Joe Braidwood said. “The keyboard is the thing that needs work more than anything on that platform.”

After testing it on Android, Braidwood thinks the moment is ripe for opening up API on iOS. Apple could make this move, driven by the demand from smartphone users for a better typing experience. If that happens, the company is ready to launch SwiftKey to iOS lightning fast, meaning in a matter of a few months.

Another prediction from Urban Airship CEO Scot Kveton is that Apple may open up access to the lock screen, add more features to Passbook and expand its push notification system.